Greetings, Aidan

Encounter our newest co-pilot, Aidan Kidson — new Paz Noz chef, new leader of the kitch’. Aidan greets us after stints at eightysix, Bar Rochford and London's St. John. He was also the man behind our first birthday party snacks. The nuclei of Aidan’s menu are: elevated snacks, hand-held devouring, pickled things and tip of the top ingredients. Our new menu will change often but for now find white anchovy and cucumber soldiers, steak tartare, leek and taleggio croquettes and tomato salads among other specimens gracing your plates Thursday through Saturday, usual snacks available Wednesday to Sunday. From April 22, Friday evenings will see pasta make an appearance, and a longer menu, too. Food for drinking wine, in our wine shop for eating food. Welcome, Aidan.